Eli to the Rescue!

Oh my goodness, I don't know whether to be mad or proud at little Eli.

We went to see Dr. Packwood, Noah's eye specialist today, and Eli went with us. After the fit he threw in November, I swore I wouldn't take him back with me. But I didn't have anyone to watch him and thought that maybe he'd matured a bit in the last six months.

So we get there and they have to put these drops in Noah's eyes to dilate them. I reminded them that Noah is the strongest child in the entire universe. I'm not kidding. I see his future as being one of those guys who goes to youth groups and high school assemblies and tears phone books apart with his hands and crushes boulders with his head and lifts a car over his head with one arm. He's got super human strength. So the doctor calls in extra people to help hold him down and Noah is just crying and kicking and screaming. He was hysterical. Well, Eli thought they were hurting him, so he ran up to the doctor and started kicking him in the shins.

Oh yeah. He really did.

The doctor yelled at Eli, which then caused Eli to break into hysterics... because how dare the man who is torturing his brother yell at him when he came to his defense. So both Noah and Eli are in hysterics and crying and wailing. People start coming in to check on us b/c they think something horrible is going on behind the closed door. Then, the doctor says, "This is the last time we can do this because he (Noah) is getting too strong". I am frazzled by that point and burst into tears because I think he means it's the last time he'll see Noah EVER -and I'm thinking, "What are we going to do, now?"

So, Noah, Eli, and I are bawling our heads off. Finally, the doctor explains that he just meant that we're going to have to sedate Noah from now on when he gets his eyes dilated. And honestly, it didn't make feel any better b/c then all I could think of was that we have to pay $1000 for Noah to be sedated for a 15 minute eye exam. And we haven't even begun to explore the dental issue yet. I have no idea how we'll ever get him to the dentist. I'm just praying that his pearly whites stay pearly and white.

So, like any good mother whose kids are throwing temper tantrums and embarrassing the crap out of her, I took the kids to McDonald's afterwards because frankly I was too exhausted to cook and didn't want to serve the family microwaved corny dogs and potato chips. (But somehow deep fried mystery nuggets and heart-attack inducing french fries fit the bill just fine). And that's it. That was our day.

I have to admit, I'm a bit proud of Eli - even though it was mucho embarrassing. He really came to Noah's rescue and it didn't matter one bit that he had to tackle a 6 foot 5 giant to do it. He really is a good brother.

Take care,

Noah and Eli's Mom


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