I originally started this blog a few years ago to chronicle Noah's daily struggles with autism. It was a dark time in my life - a time when I felt that things would never get better. It was a time when I felt that all my hopes and dreams for my son and for our family had died. In my efforts to help Noah recover from autism, I began a journey that inadvertently led me to rediscover myself. I learned how to laugh again. How to dream again. How to live again. How to love again.

Autism Schmaustism. He's still our son.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Lots of News & Updates

I can't believe it's been FIVE weeks since I last updated this blog. I finally figured out why I have such a hard time writing all of this down.... Simeon!! That's right. I used to keep diaries and I was always writing in them and then I stopped about 13 years ago. Hmmm... that's about the same time I met Sim. Poor Sim. He's become my diary! I realize I don't have to write all my feelings down anymore b/c I just tell them all to him. And I'm quite sure he'd LOVE me to start writing them down so he can have a bit of a break from my constant ramblings and thoughts. :-) But, anyway, I think that's why I don't keep up much with this. And the problem is that now I have 5 weeks of news to let you all know about.

I'm going to start backwards and go back to my last post, which was on Halloween. We saw Dr. Rao that day. He's one of the only autism doctors in Texas and we hadn't seen him in 7 months. Not b/c we didn't like him - he's really nice - but Noah is such a puzzle and no one could figure him out. Plus, we were doing a protocol in TN that was really going well. But it got to be so expensive and it got to the point where we almost had to file bankruptcy just to keep up (which is actually a common thread among parents of special needs kids). And that was something we absolutely did not want to do... so, we went back to Rao to do some baseline tests just to see where Noah is at the moment. Well, we got those results back last week....

YEAH!!! Noah's excreting metals in his urine. Yeah!!!!

Okay, Noah has never been a urine excreter. Ever. He had loads of tin come out one time and that was it. But it was a whole other story this time around. He had aluminum come out at 2100!!! And it's meant to be under 60. Oh. My. Gosh. Can you believe it? And antimony was off the charts, too. I mean, we've done urine metals tests for 3 years and aluminum was never even on it. At the time we did these tests, Noah was taking a pinch of Dr. Yasko's multi-vitamin. That's it. Nothing else. No hundreds of yucky supplements being syringed down his throat. Just a tiny pinch of a strong multi-vitamin. Can you believe it??

In all fairness, though, I truly believe that the protocol we did this past summer in TN really helped open up Noah's kidneys. Also, his liver enzymes were in perfect range for the first time ever. Ever! They've always been high, which means his liver was stressed and it's not anymore. Isn't that awesome?

I also think moving has done a world of wonders for Noah. He's not living near the power station anymore, which means his body isn't constantly fighting EMF's. He's living in an area with fresh, clean air - which I believe is also helping. So, we're really pleased at the moment with how much he's excreting and how well he's doing. His behaviors are awful, though, with the excretion. Tons of spinning in circles and slapping his head and shrieking non-stop and waking at 3:00am. These are typical signs of detox and will come and go during times of detox. It's something we will have to live with until all the metals and viruses leave his body and he's healed. Unfortunately, we don't have any idea how long this will take.

It's not been all good news, though. His test results show that he has two intestinal parasites. Eewwww. Eewwww. Eewwww! And he has yeast in his stool. And he has literally no beneficial bacteria at all. So, we've started giving him probiotics and we'll have to rotate several different kinds to help kill the yeast and replenish the good bacteria. He's having a hard time right now b/c the yeast does NOT want to die and it causes bad die-off reactions. But it's for the best, so we keep plugging along.

We've also started giving him fish oil (Nordic Naturals Pro-EFA) and we've noticed his skin is getting a teeny, tiny bit better. Praise God!

Another new development is that we took Noah to see a classical homeopathist a month ago. He's an M.D. who specializes in homeopathy in Dallas and we were recommended to see him for Noah's skin. But he was more concerned with Noah's autism. Now, truthfully, I don't really understand how homeopathy works. He listened to me talk for 1 1/2 hours (God bless him!) and then gave Noah a remedy called Baryta Carbonica and told us to come back in 6 weeks. I was completely skeptical. But within a few days, Noah started getting sick and he was sick for a week. Then, something happened. His circulation improved. His chronically ice-cold feet became warm to the touch and his hair started getting greasy and he broke out in a rash around his face. He started sleeping through the night. He started noticing Simeon for the first time and ran up and hugged his legs. He started interacting with us more. He tolerated being held by family members and his teachers. He started using his PECS (picture) cards to let us know what he wants. He can choose between 3 now. He learned how to jump on the big trampoline. Things just started to click with him. It was the weirdest thing.

Don't get me wrong. He is still very severely autistic. And most of his improvements are so slight that only a parent would notice. But we certainly noticed them. It does seem that things have slightly leveled off a bit in the last week. We go back for a check-up and new remedy in 2 weeks, so I can't wait to hear what the doctor says. One thing, though, is that we can't give anything medicinal or herbal or it will cancel out the remedy - so I'm not sure how we're going to get rid of Noah's parasites without herbs or antibiotics. But homeopathy has been around for centuries and our Dr. says there's a remedy that can get rid of it. God help me if he starts passing worms in his stool. It makes me queasy just thinking about it. And don't you know, Eli probably has them, too. And if any of you think that Sim and I need to get checked, I will reach through this computer and smack you! My skin has been crawling ever since we got the results back. I can handle poop. I can handle throw-up. I can even handle gross, green boogers. But I cannot.. I repeat... I cannot handle worms and parasites and anything that might crawl out of my son's bottom. (Which, thank you very much, has not happened yet. Now.. .where's a large piece of wood that I can knock on?)

So.. that's our update in a nutshell. Noah is doing really well. I think we need to do another Urine Toxic Metals test b/c he has stopped sleeping in the last week and he's shrieking and spinning in circles again. So, we'll see. Fingers crossed. I want to get all the metals, parasites, and viruses gone so that we can get on with our lives. Autism is expensive, exhausting, lonely, and often at times gross, gross, gross.

Hope none of you were reading this while drinking your morning coffee. :-)

Until next time,

Noah's Mom